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Features of Camera Batteries for Nikon COOLPIX

It's important to have a working battery for your Nikon COOLPIX. They have to charge from time to time, so it's also a good idea to have spare batteries on hand to make sure your camera's always ready to go. Exploring the options ensures your digital camera has the power that it needs.

How many hours do batteries last?

The battery life of batteries that have been fully charged will vary based on what you're doing with it. Such actions like using photo or video and how often you use the flash will play into the lifespan of your battery. Without the flash, you may be able to get up to 360 minutes with it in your Nikon COOLPIX. However, if you're shooting video, you may only have 100 minutes.

How do batteries charge?

Rechargeable batteries will charge by going on a specific charging unit that plugs into an outlet. The charger that you use has to be made to fit the battery that you have so that the various charging points line up properly. Once you have the battery on charge, it will take it approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes to charge from being in a fully exhausted state.

What's included in a charging kit?

A charging kit for a Nikon COOLPIX will include a few components. It will include everything that is needed for you to get a charge, however, what's included may vary from kit to kit. This means you have to consider where you might need to charge your digital camera from time to time.

  • Batteries: What is responsible for providing power to your Nikon COOLPIX.
  • Wall charger: A charger that plugs into a standard electrical outlet.
  • Car charger: A charger that plugs into the lighter of a car for portable charging needs.
What are the model types?

Depending on the model of your Nikon COOLPIX, the battery model that you need may vary. You will want to look at what battery is currently in your camera so that you can find a like replacement that will fit properly. The two options are EN-EL 12 and EN-EL 14.

How do the capacities vary?

There are two different capacities available for the rechargeable batteries of your Nikon digital camera. The capacities for this type of camera include 1000 mAh and 1500 mAh. This is identified as the largest capacity that the battery can reach. Additionally, you likely won't see that capacity initially. Instead, it may take up to 100 cycles to see the full capacity.

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