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Barska Hunting Rifle Scopes

Scopes are designed to help you see targets from a distance while hunting and practicing on targets. Many of these products have adjustable magnification for added flexibility while shooting. Barska manufacturers a number of scopes that can be mounted on hunting rifles.

What is a hunting rifle scope?

A scope is a long-range aiming device that can be mounted to the top of a weapon. Since they magnify images, they can be used to improve accuracy.

How do scopes work?

Scopes work similarly to telescopes. When light passes through the objective lens on the front of the scope, it is then focused on a point inside the scope. The ocular lens, which is on the side of the user, magnifies that light for an enhanced image.

  • The reticle is imprinted on the lens so that you can see exactly where your shot is supposed to go when you pull the trigger. This can appear as anything from a dot to a full crosshair.
  • Scopes may have different adjustable settings. On some scopes, you can magnify an image anywhere from three times to nine times the size. To make those adjustments, you would turn the power ring.
  • Some scopes used for extreme long-distance shooting are able to adjust for parallax error. This error can occur when you use very high magnification settings, and an adjustable objective lens can correct for any errors that may naturally occur.
  • You may be able to control windage and elevation using your scope. The windage refers to the horizontal settings, and the elevation refers to the vertical settings.
What do the numbers on a scope model signify?

Models come with several reference numbers.

  • The first numbers refer to the magnification, and you'll see a number followed by an "X." If the scope says 5-12x, for instance, this means that the magnification can be anywhere from 5x to 12x. In other words, an image could appear to be five to 12 times larger than if you used your naked eye.
  • The last number indicates the objective lens size. If the last number is a 42, for example, then the lens is 42 millimeters. The middle range of lens size is generally considered to be between 30 and 44 millimeters. There are models with lenses both smaller and larger than that range.
How is an illuminated reticle (IR) used when hunting?

Illuminated reticles are used to illuminate images through a scope. Always pack a healthy supply of AAA batteries, or whichever battery your rifle’s scope takes, to ensure that your IR remains in working order. IRs can be used whether your tactical scope features a dot or crosshairs and will illuminate targets in both inclement weather and dark surroundings.