Baby Walkers

Baby walkers

A baby walker helps babies move around in an area before they can walk. There are different types, but its essentially a simple structure with wheels and either a place to stand and hold on or sit. Parents can clear an area and ensure there is no access to stairs or other dangers, and this way, your babies can have a little freedom and practice walking.

What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is an invention that is designed to help babies get comfortable on their feet. The walker helps them prepare to take their first steps. The walker is typically made out of plastic and contains two to four wheels depending on the style. For the type that requires the baby to stand, the baby leans against it and holds onto a bar and walks. There is also the kind of walker where the baby sits in the middle on a suspended seat. The goal is to help babies developed their gross motor skills in a safe way.

Activity walkers are built to meet safety standards, but its important to understand that walkers require parental supervision at all times to avoid head injuries. When indoors, walkers can give your child a fun physical activity.

How does a baby walker function?

There are a large variety of walkers. When your baby is first starting out, they will typically be in a 4-wheel walker. It will look much like a seat where a babys feet dangle and touch the floor. As soon as they move their feet in a walking motion, the walker will move. Your baby is kept comfortable thanks to the cloth seating. The baby walker is suitable for kids 6 to 18 months. As your baby progresses, sit-to-stand walkers can be used. These focus more on the baby holding themselves up and putting one foot in front of the other.

What are the benefits of using a baby walker?

When it comes to an activity walker, babies are getting so much more than just a jump start on learning to walk. Activity walkers help their development in a variety of ways.

  • Bright Colors Keep the Baby Entertained: Most walkers are like a mini activity center and come equipped with bright lights and colors. Therefore, your baby or toddler will remain engaged. With so many things to look at, not only do walkers help babies learn to walk but walkers can entertain.
  • Built-In Toys Help Baby to Learn: The toys attached to the activity walker are educational. Activities such as ABCs, storybooks, and interactive songs are included. All of these are educational toys and are helpful to the growth of your child.