Baby Rattles

Baby Rattles Are Practical and Fun

eBay has a huge collection of baby rattles for your toddlers or new family addition. These toys are essential for parents to have on hand and are appreciated by expectant mothers. Let's take a look at why these small, handheld toys have become known as basic items for babies and toddlers.

How do rattles appeal to a newborn's senses?

Babies are born with fully developed senses of hearing, smell, and touch. A newborn's sense of sight continues to develop after he or she is born, but a baby will prefer vibrant colors to lighter ones in the first few months. Baby rattles appeal to the babies and toddlers who will enjoy listening to the toy as it shakes. They might particularly like the vibrant animal rattles that can be worn like mitts on their hands and feet.

Can baby rattles help developing hands and feet?

Besides wearable baby rattles, you will find traditional types, like the handheld crib rattle, a plush rattle to help develop a baby's tactile awareness, and animal rattles that may be easier to hold. One of the things that makes baby rattles so practical is their variety of sizes, shape, and measurements that can accommodate babies with different fine motor abilities. See the manufacturer site for details.

Can teething rattles offer comfort?

Anyone who has taken care of a baby knows that the teething months are uncomfortable for the baby who is experiencing pain and pressure as new teeth come in. A teething ring made of strong plastic can safely provide the temporary comfort your baby needs. Some teething rings come in animal shapes and have small plush attachments to make them look even more appealing. Choose a teething rattle and a plush rattle so your baby can bite down on the tough plastic while remaining visually engaged with the softer toy. It is also interesting for the baby to feel the difference between the two toys.

Are there crib rattles for babies and toddlers?

You can choose from a variety of plush rattles that can comfort a baby while teething or in any other situation. Check with the manufacturer for safety information and to find out which baby rattles you can leave in the crib at night. Additionally, rattles provide a great and inexpensive way to help your baby self-sooth and stay engaged for hours. These age-appropriate toys teach developing brains that there is a cause and effect relationship between shaking the rattle and hearing sounds.