Esculturas de Arte

Collectible and Stylish Art Sculptures

One of the ways to decorate your home is to add pieces of art to the decor. Art sculpture is a versatile medium that will go with any type of setting. You can find it in all sizes and in a variety of different materials.

What are art sculptures?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional decorative representation of a figure or a scene. Art sculptures are created by artists to depict figures or scenes or to create a reproduction of famous art. Some are large and on public display, but you can purchase smaller art sculptures to use as in home decor.

Art sculpture falls under the category of many different types of artwork. Artists use stone, metal, clay, wood and other media to create statues, landscapes, and figurines. Art sculptures can be classified as everything from folk art to fine art. Some, called relief sculptures, are flat on one side and meant to be hung on the wall.

What are some of the varieties?

Figurines are one common form of decoration, including nudes, horses and other animals, and fantasy figures. There are also reproductions of classical pieces like 'The Thinker.' Sculpture in the style of sculptors Degas and Rodin, called Expressionism, can also be found. Contemporary art includes facial expressions and movement as if the art sculpture is in motion.

What are art sculptures made of?

Bronze is a common material for art sculpture because it's flexible and works well for smaller pieces. It also takes textures and finishes easily. Contemporary ceramic sculpture is molded from clay, which is softer for molding before it's hardened by heat. Porcelain figurines are made from clay fired at high temperatures, and they have a shiny white finish. Porcelain is a common material for small pieces of artwork.

Are art sculptures collectible?

Some art sculptures are meant to be placed outdoors in a garden or used as part of the exterior facade of a home. Others are made for indoor display, and some of those are collectible. Porcelain, bronze and stone sculptures are often prized according to the artist and the number of reproductions for sale. Sculptures made of wood are less durable and not as sought-after as collectible items.

How do you use art sculpture as home decor?

There are many ways to incorporate it into your home decorating scheme. Decorative mirrors often have a component of sculpture in them, sculptured bookends can give a bookshelf more appeal, and wall plaques can be found that match any decorating scheme. Your choices will reflect your individual style, such as including inspirational themes or opting for bright, bold colors.