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Aromatherapy Supplies

Everyone uses aromatherapy supplies differently. You may want to diffuse essential oils into the air to cover a large space, or maybe you prefer a portable inhaler to get targeted relief. No matter how you plan to use essential oils in aromatherapy, it is important that you find the right supplies to meet your own individual needs.

How does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their therapeutic effects. It is considered very safe, and it has been linked to positive results for several conditions. Many people use aromatherapy to boost their mood or relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy allows the therapeutic properties of plants to work by triggering a response in your olfactory system.

What are the main types of aromatherapy supplies?

Regardless of how you plan to use aromatherapy in your life, there are a few basic supplies that you should have on hand. These include:

  • Essential oils
  • Oil diffuser
  • Glass bottles with spray or roll-on tops
  • Pipets or droppers
What are essential oils?

Essential oils are different from fragrances. They are basically super concentrated extracts of plants. Each plant has its own unique chemical compounds which trigger a response within your body. You can find a great selection of oils that are suitable for aromatherapy on eBay. Choices include:

  • Eucalyptus oil for relieving congestion and boosting immunity
  • Lavender to relax and soothe
  • Peppermint to help ease soreness and muscle aches as well as energize
  • Tea tree to kill germs and purify the air
  • Blends for targeted purposes
  • Multi-bottle kits for beginners and experienced users
How do diffusers work?

Diffusers are an excellent way to use aromatherapy for more than one person or to purify the air within an entire room. There are several different types of diffusers. They may be powered by batteries, electricity, or passive. Some have soft lights for visual effects.

Most work by vaporizing water mixed with essential oils into the air. This releases the chemical compounds of the oils you choose so they can reach whoever is in the room. A nice added benefit to these is that they also provide humidity to the air.

There are also diffusers that generate heat to release the scents applied to them. These usually have a small metal or stone area where you apply oil. Once heated, it releases the scent (and the plant compounds) into the air.

Passive diffusers come in many forms. They may be reed diffusers, where you place wooden sticks into a vessel containing diluted essential oil. As the water is evaporated, the oil absorbs into the reeds to release its aroma. Jewelry and personal inhalers are nice options for keeping aromatherapy personal.

What about other methods of aromatherapy?

You can also use aromatherapy by spraying diluted essential oils onto surfaces or into the air. An example is spraying linens with a lavender mist to promote relaxation and a good night's sleep. Roll-on oils can be applied to your temples or wrists to give a targeted approach to aromatherapy. Some people choose to use this for pain or stress relief.

How are essential oils used?

Most people enjoy this therapy by mixing the essential oil from the glass bottles with water and diffusing them with an electronic diffuser or candle-based burner. You can also mix them with your lotion or skincare product to apply to the skin directly. That will frequently alleviate many physiological symptoms. For some people, this may help provide peace of mind and spiritual well-being as well as some relief for things like asthma and sinus issues.

How do you know which extracts to use?

There is plenty of information about which plant extracts provide which benefits. Certain scents can trigger emotional or physical effects while others might need to be combined for the intended result. Take, for example, lavender. It is widely known in the natural health world that lavender is a calming agent. Peppermint offers mood-lifting benefits, and Tea Tree or Eucalyptus might offer relief from sinus and breathing issues. Each oil and a combination thereof has a benefit to offer. The most prevalent essential oils include the following:

  • Lemongrass or lemon
  • Tea tree
  • Patchouli
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus

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