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Protect Your iPhone 4 With a Bumper Case

When you are outside and want to take a quick picture, you want to be able to keep your Apple iPhone 4 safe in case you drop it. A bumper case can offer that protection. These cases come in a variety of styles.

What is a bumper case?

A bumper is a style of case that protects the edges of a phone. It consists of one piece of material that wraps tightly around the phone. It's intended to offer the sides and corners protection from drops and bumps. They do add to the width and height of a phone but do so in very minimal terms. They often have raised edges in an effort to prevent the face or the back of the case from getting scratched. These edges are sometimes textured to aid in grip.

What is this type of case made out of?

They are typically made out of rubber, durable plastic, aluminum alloy, or silicone. If plastic is used, it could be thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is resistant to abrasions. All of these materials are:

  • Strong
  • Somewhat rigid
  • Lightweight
  • Nonporous so it won't absorb water
Who makes these cases for iPhone 4s?

There are many options on the market. Some companies that manufacture these styles of cases for iPhone 4s are:

  • Keyscaper
  • Case Army
  • Assecure
  • Zed Labz
  • Xcessor
  • Case Kool
  • DandyCase
What are some design features of an iPhone 4 case?

A basic bumper case consists of the bumper itself and may come in different colors or be completely clear. There are variations on the product, and you might find something for your Apple device with:

  • Pattern: The case could have a pattern included on it to add some visual interest.
  • Rubber corners: The corners could be fortified with extra cushioning to provide extra protection from drops.
  • Back cover: A case could come attached to a back cover. This would prevent the back of the phone from getting scratched or dinged.
  • Kickstand: Those with a back cover could also come with a kickstand. That stand can be used to prop things up when you are trying to read or watch something and would like to keep your hands free.
  • Closed ports: If you prefer to have complete all-around protection, you can look for a model with material that covers the charging ports, volume buttons, and power button. The charging area can be accessed by lifting up the flap, and the buttons can be pressed through the material.
  • Screen protector: If you're worried about scratching your screen, you can look for something with a screen protector. Generally either a thin plastic or glass piece, these screen protectors are transparent and are able to transmit your touch.