Anti-Roll & Sway Bars para Lincoln LS

Lincoln LS Sway Bars

The Lincoln LS comes equipped with sway bars designed to reduce the vehicle roll on sharp turns. Smoother rides are a requirement of luxury vehicles, and car stability is a major factor to be considered. Rounding each corner without worry, minimizing the impact of road hazards, and adding driver control are all positive features of the Lincoln LS stability system for all model years.

What is the purpose of sway bars?

Sway bars, or stabilizer bars, are designed to keep a vehicle from rolling over on turns. It is part of the suspension system and connects opposite wheels, keeping the Lincoln tight in quick, sharp turns.

How do sway bars affect sedan handling?

The sway bar on the Lincoln helps keep the car flat when making sharp turns, thus increasing control. This is done by keeping the weight of the sedan more evenly distributed. Without the stabilizer bar, the LS would be subject to body roll on these corner turns.

What are the parts of a suspension system?

The sway bar is part of the cars suspension system and runs across the car connecting the suspension mechanisms for opposite tires. In addition to the sway bar, the parts of the suspension system include:

  • Wheels and tires provide traction and absorb small shocks from small road hazards.
  • Springs protect the sedans body, passengers, and cargo from larger road hazards.
  • Shocks absorb the energy from the vehicles reaction to road hazards.
  • Steering system controls the wheel movement through driver input.
  • Linkages, bushings and joints keep the suspension and tire systems in the right position throughout the drive.
How do you know if a sway bar requires maintenance?

The sway bar should be checked as part of a regular service plan. Outside of the normal service, it is important to be on the lookout for:

  • A change to the sway or car movement on turns.
  • Lack of stability when passing a large truck on the highway or interstate.
  • Clinking or rattling noises from the tire area.
  • Loose steering requiring overcompensation on turn.
What does too much stabilizer bar mean?

The Lincoln that does not have a properly adjusted sway bar will be subject to a rougher ride. When a car hits a rough place in the road, it will be felt on both sides. It will have a feel more like that of a race or sports car. This decrease in wheel independence is not considered beneficial in a luxury car. Ideally, the sway bar should be adjusted to provide proper reduction in the potential for body roll, while retaining the beneficial independence of each side.