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Nissan 350Z Antennas

Nissan 350Z antennas help to pick up radio waves as you drive along. They are frequently made of metal and silicone. Antennas should be cleaned regularly to work most efficiently.

What styles of antennas are available for this sports coupe?

All antennas for the Nissan 350Z are essentially the same style. Some may be longer or shorter and slightly thicker or thinner, but antennas for this particular make and model of vehicle are all relatively similar and perform the same function.

What materials are Nissan antennas made from?

Typically Nissan 350Z antennas are made from different types of metal and can be coated with synthetics like silicone. Copper and aluminum are two of the most efficient conductors; silver is also useful.

What is the function of a Nissan antenna?

Nissan 350Z antennas pick up radio waves and decode them so that radio stations and GPS signals can be transmitted and received for entertainment while youre behind the wheel. Satellite towers help to conduct these radio waves. Depending on the geographic area, different combinations of signals are sent and received. Thus, various radio stations are available in different parts of the country and world. Antennas directly help to conduct the signals.

What are care tips for antennas?

Nissan 350Z antennas can be cleaned in an automatic car wash but can also be manually washed with warm water and soap. Dip a soft cloth in a solution of warm water and gentle soap. Clean the antenna appropriately and wipe it down with another soft cloth wet with clean, warm water. Dry the Nissan coupes antenna afterward, being careful not to bend or damage it. You may choose to retract your antenna when you enter an automatic car wash to reduce the risk of bending, scratching or damaging it. Further, feel free to polish your antenna with silicone lubricant if the outside is coated with silicone. Do this several times per year for most effective results.

What accessories are available for Nissan antennas?
  • Masts boost antennas higher into the air so that they can receive more or clearer signals without interruptions from other stimuli at ground level.
  • Signal boosters help to overcome the effects of splitting a signal between many devices, such as phones or computers in a car.
  • Connectors and cables are straightforward; they help connect antennas to the vehicle.
  • Adapters help to pick up certain frequencies of signals; they provide a way to tune into particular waves.
  • Mounts are the devices used to contain the bottom or base of the antenna and attach it to the vehicle.