Alpine 2 DIN Car Audio In-Dash units

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An In-Depth Look at Alpine Car Audio-In Dash Units

Since 1978, Alpine has made high-performance electronic components, and currently, the company is the world leader in mobile multimedia. Alpine combines music, images, and information in its car audio in-dash units, and their product line sets the gold standard for automotive components. eBay is your source for inexpensive Alpine components, parts, and accessories from Bluetooth radios to navigation systems, and the eBay purchasing process is all about your convenience.

How is a double-din unit different from a single-din?

The primary difference is size; double-din car-audio units are larger than single-din. The term "din" is a German acronym, and a double-din opening in a car dash is 8 by 4 inches whereas a single din is 8 by 2 inches. Because of their greater width, double-din units often have more features than just the stereo itself, such as navigation units, touchscreens, and DVD players.

What are some Active View Rear Camera System features?

The Alpine Active View Rear Camera System gives the driver both visual and audio alerts of potential dangers. Here are some of the many outstanding features of this backup camera system:

  • Extremely wide viewing angle
  • Active obstacle warning system to alert for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Rear-view, panorama, ground, and corner viewing modes
  • Red, yellow, and green parking guides
  • Automatic image adjustment for maximum visibility
What are some Alpine component accessories?

Alpine makes a number of accessories to enhance the user experience when it comes to in-dash car audio units, rear view cameras, navigation system, and other products. These include the following:

  • Handy MHL HDMI Cable Kit to duplicate the image of your smart phone screen
  • Simple, elegant, and rugged license plate mounting system for rear cameras
  • Intuitive HDMI switcher interface to make switching between your audio unit and smart phone easy
  • Convenient universal power pack to add volume and dimension to factory or after-market audio systems
What are some Alpine specialty models for specific vehicles?

While most Alpine components are designed to work with as many types of vehicles as possible, the company also makes specialty products for specific vehicle solutions. For example, they produce a rear-view camera and light system for Jeep Wranglers made after 2007 that integrate with the factory-installed spare tire mount. They also make a 9-inch dashboard restyle system for Ford pickup trucks that combines navigation, audio, and entertainment options and integrates seamlessly with factory settings for a dramatic overall upgrade to the driving experience.

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