Choosing the Right Alkaline AAA Single-use Batteries For Your Needs

Batteries are undoubtedly useful for helping to power many devices in a home and business such as remotes, controllers, flashlights, and more. Common types of batteries that are often used are alkaline AAA single-use batteries, and quite a few individuals make sure to have them in storage and available at all times, especially in case of an emergency. If you're looking to buy some of your own, the following may be able to help you choose the alkaline AAA batteries that you feel would be most beneficial for your home or business.

What brands offer alkaline AAA batteries?

There are several brands that offer alkaline AAA batteries, including generic brands and other companies such as:

  • Duracell
  • Energizer
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Maxell
  • Rayovac
Can you buy alkaline AAA batteries in bulk?

Alkaline AAA batteries typically come in multi-packs. The number of batteries contained in each package, however, varies depending on which particular one you choose. You may be able to buy AAA single-use batteries in packs of 8, 12, 20, 24, 36, 48, 120, or more. An individual package will contain a certain amount, but depending on your particular order, you may be able to get several packages at one time which increases the number of batteries you will receive.

Do alkaline AAA batteries expire?

Batteries do, indeed, expire. You may want to consider learning what the expiration date is so that your batteries will be ready to work when you need them. To determine the expiration date of the AAA single-use batteries, consider the following tips to find the expiration date:

  • In the product description: There may be an expiration date stated in the write-up.
  • On the battery: Look at the battery itself. Close-up pictures may show that each battery might have the date printed directly on it.
  • On the packaging: Look at the packaging of the batteries. In some cases, the date will be printed either on the front or back.
Does a separate battery tester come with the batteries?

Depending on which item you purchase, a separate battery tester may come with your order. The tester can help you determine the level of power that's left in each battery by telling you if the levels are in a good range or they are too low so that you can easily decide whether or not to replace them. A universal battery tester can typically check the alkaline AAA single-use batteries as well as others such as an alkaline AA battery.