Filtros de Aire para Jaguar X-Type

Jaguar X-Type Air Filters

Air filters are a critical part of your Jaguar X-Type. These will need to be replaced periodically to maintain the vehicles performance. With a selection of air filters for Jaguar X-Type vehicles, you can find the right replacement for your specific model..

What do Jaguar X-Type air filters do?

There are two types of air filters inside of a Jaguar X-Type. Each one has a different role in the sedan, both of which are vital to your Jaguars operation.

  • Engine: This filter will clean the air that goes into the Jaguars intake manifold to create combustion.
  • Cabin: This filter is part of the X-Types HVAC system, cleaning the outside air before it blows through the cabin.
How often should Jaguar X-Type air filters be changed?

Jaguar recommends changing the air filter in both the engine and the cabin once a year or every 20,000 miles. If you drive your vehicle down a lot of dirt roads or live near sandy areas, you should check your cars filter more frequently.

How do you change X-Type filters?

Changing your X-Types filters is a simple process. The filter for the intake manifold is located under the hood. To change it, you will need to open the hood and locate a black box near the engine. From there, you can remove the old filter and replace it with the new one. The filter for the cabin is located inside the vehicle, behind the glove box, near the foot well. You will want to take off the glove box and then reach up to pull out the filter. You can then slide a new one into place. No special equipment is needed to complete the replacement in either area.

What is a X-Type filter set?

A filter set is produced by both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. A filter set allows you to change both filters in your Jaguar X-Type at the same time. It includes one of each type of filter that will fit the model of your Jaguar. Replacing both filters at once will, in turn, enhance performance and improve the air quality inside your vehicle.

What do you need to know when buying air filters?

When youre buying air filters for your Jaguar X-Type, its important to determine a few key details.

  • Car specs: You will need to know the model year and engine type to get the right filters. Getting filters for the wrong model year could result in filters that do not fit properly, impacting operation.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine if you want genuine OEM parts or an aftermarket brand. Both are of equal quality, but aftermarket parts may have additional features you may be interested in.