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An Essential Guide to Ahnu Shoes for Women

Ahnu Shoes for Women

If you are looking for some outdoor shoes for women, you may be surprised to see all the types of shoes and specific features that they have. Ahnu's shoe line — named for the Celtic goddess of balance and well-being — focuses on outdoor performance for people who enjoy adventurous activities. They offer several different types of durable women's hiking sneakers and boots. Most of the shoes in their outdoor line are made with strong, reinforced leather and durable rubber. If you are someone who regularly goes hiking in rough terrain, it is important to have a specialized shoe.

How are the fit and feel of Ahnu shoes for women?

Ahnu shoes for women are going to be a lot stiffer than a typical gym shoe or a cross-training sneaker. This is because they have added reinforced leather support for more stability on long, difficult hikes. The insides of their shoes are soft and comfortable. Some of their bulkier versions that are waterproof are also a bit warmer for colder conditions. If you are planning to do more hiking in warmer weather conditions, then one of their lighter pairs of hiking shoes with more breathability is suitable.

Ahnu Black Shoes for Women

The fronts of their hiking shoes have plenty of space for your toes so that they don't feel cramped during longer hikes. Keep in mind that hiking shoes may feel a bit more cumbersome than typical athletic shoes, due to all the material added to protect the foot. Ahnu shoes typically run true to size. See the manufacturer’s site for details.

Are Ahnu shoes for women good for feet?

If you are planning to do any serious hiking, Ahnu shoes for women are great for feet. Their high-top boots offer ankle support. The deep cushioning of the sole helps with impact absorption on rocky terrain. This means you can go on long hikes for several days with minimal soreness on the soles of your feet. The deep grip patterns on their hiking shoes and boots protect against slips or falls that could result in serious injury. The thick leather on most of their hiking shoes also helps to protect you from thick bushes, thorns, or sharp branches that you may accidentally brush across during your outdoor adventure.

Ahnu Blue Shoes for Women

Hiking Shoes vs. Cross-Training Sneakers

Hiking Shoes Cross-Training Sneakers
Support Better Foot and Ankle Support Trades Support for Flexibility
Comfort More Sole Padding for Rough Terrain Less Support for Flat Ground
Lacing Heavy Duty Laces for Durability Lighter Laces for Running
Traction Heavy Grip Pattern for Rough Terrain Lighter Grip Pattern for Flat Ground

Do I need shoes made specifically for hiking?

This depends on how often you plan to go hiking and what the terrain will be like. Unless the terrain is incredibly flat and you don't plan on going hiking very often, proper hiking boots or shoes required. While cross-training sneakers can work on mild hills or easy trails, they just don't have the added support and protection required for anything slightly more difficult. Cross trainers may only last for a handful of hikes, while proper hiking shoes can last for years if they're cared for properly.

Ahnu Women's Shoes

What are some different types of women's shoes that Ahnu offers?

Ahnu offers a few types of hiking boots for women. Two of their more well-known pairs of hiking boots are the Sugarpine and Montara series. While both of these are proper high-top hiking boots, the Sugarpine is waterproof and has a bit more protection for hikes in harsher weather conditions. The Montara is slightly lighter and only water resistant. It offers much of the same protection.

Ahnu also offers waterproof sneakers for women, however these don't offer as much ankle support as the Sugarpine series. The low-top sneakers are better for casual hikes on easier terrain. For an even lighter version, they offer trail-walking shoes for women that aren't waterproof.

Ahnu Women's Black Shoes

Are Ahnu shoes for women fashionable?

Ahnu shoes for women are primarily made for outdoor activities, but they are still aesthetically pleasing. They mostly come in earth tones with a rustic look to them. While they wouldn't pair well with formal outfits, they can be worn casually in fall and winter. Their high-top hiking boots might be a bit too bulky for casual wear. However, their hiking sneakers are light enough that they should be manageable for casual daily use.

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