Accuracy International

Accuracy International

Accuracy International is a manufacturer of firearms and high-accuracy sniper rifles. In addition, Accuracy International offers a variety of other products for gun enthusiasts or those who want to protect themselves. Over time, the company's rifle system has become more well-known in the industry, primarily due to its design considerations and the evolution of its products.

Which firearms have the AICS feature?

The company decided to develop the Accuracy International Chassis System due to the success of this feature in other internationally manufactured firearms. The Remington 700 and Savage M10 with long and short actions feature this system. Accuracy International has worked hard to become well-known for their precision in stock and accuracy in their out-of-box form.

Does an AICS system allow you to interchange the barrel?

Accuracy International firearms are designed to allow shooters to change it with other calibers. The process takes an average of 15 minutes. You just need to remove it from the action and screw in another while tightening it in place using a torque wrench. Versions of Accuracy International firearms like the AT (Accuracy Tactical), AX, and AXMC (AX Multi-Caliber) have a switch-barrel system that allows you to change the barrel using a 4mm hex wrench.

Can left-handed snipers use the AICS thumbhole stock?

The thumbhole stock provides a comfortable fit for right and left-handed snipers. It features a cheek piece that adjusts right or left, as well as up and down to give an optimal cheek position to view the target. The removable butt pad spacers also ensure a comfortable fit when the product is in use. Each spacer is designed to add 10 millimeters to the LOP.

Should you bed the AICS stock?

Yes, especially if you are a new shooter. A properly bedded stock supports and holds the rifle’s short action without creating pressure, and it becomes the basis of an accurate rifle. It is different from bolting the firearm to the stock with its action sitting on the pillars, which is common in unbedded stocks.

Should you also bed the Accuracy International Chassis System?

The polymer chassis should also be bedded. The idea here is to use a precisely machined block to support the short action instead of a customized molded bedding material. You can then bolt the action into the chassis, fasten according to the specifications, and shoot the bullets in the magazine at the target. The rule applies to chassis systems from AICS and other manufacturers.

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