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ASUS Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

ASUS is a well know manufacturer of electronics and computer equipment, including their range of portable laptop computers. They have become well known throughout the world for their range of technological equipment, including their wide range of portable computers, such as laptops and netbooks.

ASUS laptop power adapters and chargers are suitable for use with ASUS branded machines, as well as often being able to be used for other brands of laptop.

Types of ASUS adapters and chargers

You may wish to purchase a new power adapter or charger because your original one has broken or worn out. Or you may wish to have a spare power cable that you can take with you when you travel. You may simply wish to use your ASUS power adapter for charging your laptop in multiple locations, so having a spare one available allows you to charge the machine without having to unplug the power cable and move it into another room.

ASUS make power adapters and chargers for their own brand of laptops. There are various laptop models available, including the ASUS Chromebook , Zenbook and Vivobook, each of which will have its own charger that is designed specially to fit with the relevant machine.

As well as power cables for their own models of laptop, ASUS produce power adapters that will fit other brands of computer, including several other household name brands that produce their own laptops and netbooks.

Make sure that the adapters and chargers are suitable for your current ASUS laptop , as some have different shaped jacks.

Some of the power cables available will come with international adapters, allowing you to charge your laptop when you travel abroad. Continental Europe, for example, uses a round 2-pin socket, while North America has a flat 2 pin style. ASUS power adapters are available that can come with these special adapters included, so you can take them abroad.