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How to Shop for AMD FX 8 Computers

When you need a processor that's capable of overclocking and delivering performance, consider an AMD computer. Good for gaming, system work or design and graphics-heavy programs using a lot of GHz, AMD refers to the type of processor that comes installed in the computer. There are a few different reasons to opt for AMD, as well as several different brands that offer this type of workmanship.

What Does AMD Mean?

If you are perusing computers that are coined with the term \"AMD,\" this refers to the processor or CPU. Fundamentally, this is just a slightly different type of CPU than what's in a regular comptuer. What this means is:

  • AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices
  • While it most likely refers to the type of microprocessor, AMD is a brand that manufactures chips and flash drives as well
  • AMD is a competitor of Intel; they are not the same type of CPU or processor
  • Users often use these type of processors for gaming
  • GHz, CPU, and processor (or microprocessor) are all relatively interchangeable terms when looking for PCs

What Are Some AMD and Overall Features I Should Look For?

Because AMD simply refers to the speed of GHz and type of CPU, there are many other features to consider when you're choosing a computer. You also want to consider:

  • Options offered with the processor (such as AM3, otherwise known as socket AM3)
  • Type and amount of memory (GB RAM) installed (DDR3, SDRAM, DIMM, etc.)
  • User-friendly features, like being an all-in-one or plug and play, and having a Windows operating system pre-installed and ready to use
  • The type of processor, as AMD only refers to the type and not the generation. Consider choices such as Black Edition types, dual-core, octa-core or quad-core AMD. There are also other options, such as GHz turbo to weigh.

Many AMD computers are also all-in-one types, particularly when seeking out a gaming computer. Generally speaking, this usually means that the keyboard, monitor and mouse are all included in the box. With an AMD or gaming type computer, these peripherals may be designed specifically for gaming, such as an ergonomic and wireless mouse, or wireless keyboard. You may also find a gaming headset or other type of sound accessory in the box, depending on the brand. 

What Brands Offer AMD Computers?

Not every brand offers AMD processors, but many computer brands do. You'll often see them with brands that are modeled specifically for gaming, but you'll also see them in mainstream computer manufacturers such as Dell. Some popular brands include:

  • Cyberpower
  • SkyTech
  • Dell
  • Ryzen
  • Cybertron
  • HP (Pavilion)
  • Lenovo

You also can simply add an AMD processor to an existing PC in most cases.