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Dodge Ram 2500 A/C Hoses and Fittings

Keep your air-conditioning system humming along with replacement A/C hoses and fittings for your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck. Your coolant is the blood of your cooling system, and the hoses deliver that coolant to every part of this system. By replacing or upgrading your Dodge Ram 2500 A/C hoses and fittings when necessary, you can help your system stay in top working order.

What Ram 2500 A/C hose materials are available?

Multitudes of designers produce hoses that each have their own distinctive characteristics. That said, many A/C system hoses are made from:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Neoprene
What are some Dodge A/C system clamps you may need?

The number and complexity of air-conditioning system clamps and fasteners match the complexity of the hose and fitting system. The good news is, you can quickly classify most kinds of A/C clamps for your vehicle into a few basic categories. These include:

  • Worm-gear clamps - These clamp designs use screws to drive and tighten metal clamps. While capable of generating a lot of torque, they should be used with the correct adapter types for best results.
  • Twin wire clamps - As their names suggests, these use groups of thin wires to clamp-off hoses.
  • Rolled edge clamps - These provide strong grips and durability without causing hose damage. The rounded edges that characterize these designs help to ensure that clamp edges inflict no injuries.
  • Spring clamps - Simple and easy to use, spring clamps come in handy as reinforcement or for light-duty tasks.
What Ram 2500 A/C system fittings are available?

The fittings form portals in your air-conditioning system hardware. Your hoses plug into these portals to allow refrigerant to flow, and the clamps keep these hoses in place. Designers make fittings to fit securely, last long, and stand up under tough physical conditions. To get these benefits from your next fitting replacements on your Ram model truck, ensure that you take careful note of the specific part numbers from your previous unit. Some fitting designs you may require include:

  • O-ring fittings
  • Female flare fittings
  • Female o-ring fittings
  • Spring lock fittings
  • Male flare fittings
What are the hoses for Dodge Ram A/C systems?

The main varieties of Ram 2500 A/C hoses include:

  • Air condenser hose - This part links the condenser, which concentrates refrigerant, with the rest of the system. Pressures in this hose are generally high, so you should take pressure considerations into account when seeking replacements.
  • Drier hose - This hose delivers moist air to the inline drier for processing.
  • Filter hose - This part routes air through filters for cleaning.