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Chrysler Sebring AC Hoses and Fittings

When youre driving your Chrysler Sebring around, whether its a standard sedan, the LX model, or a convertible, you want to be able to stay comfortable. In the warmer months, that means you need a functioning air conditioner in your car. Having the right AC hoses and fittings will help you keep things performing efficiently.

What do hoses do in a vehicles air conditioning system?

A Chrysler Sebrings air conditioning system takes advantage of pressure differentials and air flow to cool down the vehicles cabin. On one side of the system, youll have a high-pressure hose. This holds in the refrigerant when it has been pressurized to be in liquid form. On the other side of the cars system, youll have a low-pressure hose. Here, the refrigerant is held in a gaseous state, on its way to get converted into a liquid. The hoses are connected to other parts by fittings. O-rings and gaskets are required to make proper seals.

What are signs that a Chryslers hoses may need repair?
  • Physical damage: When you pop the hood of your Chrysler Sebring, you may notice that a hose has abrasions, loose threads, or some areas of tearing. Any of these signs can mean that your hose may soon fail.
  • Refrigerant leaking: When you see refrigerant dripping from a fitting or hose, youll immediately know that something is wrong. Without refrigerant, your Sebrings air conditioner wont be able to work.
  • No cold air: You dont feel any cold air when you turn on your Sebrings AC. Sometimes, visual inspection may not reveal any problems. However, if your Chryslers AC isnt blowing out cold air, a hidden problem may exist in the hoses.
What types of hoses are available for cars?

Hoses on different makes, models, and years of cars have different diameters. In order to make a repair on your Sebring, you need to get the right parts. First, measure the outside diameter of the Chryslers tube in a spot as close as possible to the AC hose. Use the following chart to get the right size hose for your Sebring.

  • Tube outside diameter: 3/8 inches = A/C hose outside diameter 3/4 inch = nominal size #6
  • Tube outside diameter: 1/2 inches = A/C hose outside diameter 29/32 inch = nominal size #8
  • Tube outside diameter: 5/8 inches = A/C hose outside diameter 1 inch = nominal size #10
  • Tube outside diameter: 3/4 inches = A/C hose outside diameter 1 3/32 inch = nominal size #12

When youre searching for hoses for a Chrysler Sebring, you can search for ones that are marketed as fitting your cars model and year.