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Dodge Ram 2500 A/C and Heater Controls

Heating and cooling controls make it easy to get the proper temperature while riding in a Dodge Ram 2500. Furthermore, heating controls can make a stylish addition to the interior. There are both factory original and aftermarket control consoles for purchase, so that you can get heater controls in the look and style you want for your Dodge Ram 2500.

Are Dodge Ram 2500 temperature controls set manually?

Temperature controls for the Ram 2500 are controlled by hand. There are Knobs to control whether hot or cold air flows out of the vents, how fast the blower fan runs, and where the air goes once it comes out of the vents. For example, it may be possible to direct air toward a persons legs or midsection as opposed to that persons whole body.

Can Ram 2500 temperature controls help to keep glass warm?

Drivers and passengers generally feel better when the temperature in the cabin is to their liking. However, it may be important to keep glass surfaces warm as well. Fortunately, OEM and aftermarket Ram 2500 temperature controls allow drivers or others in the vehicle to heat the side mirrors as well as defrost front and rear windows. This may help to improve visibility by preventing the windshield or other glass from fogging or icing up.

What type of lights do Ram 2500 temperature controls have?

Those who own a Ram 2500 that was made after 2003 may have the ability to light their temperature control panel with either halogen light bulbs or LED lights. There are LED lights in either red, blue, or white diodes. Halogen light bulbs illuminate the console in a white glow to make controls easier to see in dark conditions.

How does a Ram truck sense temperatures throughout the vehicle?

Temperature controls may not work properly if the Ram 2500 is not able to properly determine the temperature inside the engine. If drivers are only getting cold air blowing through the vent, there may be an issue with the ambient temperature sensor. MOPAR OEM sensors tell the engine to divert heat to the interior. When the air conditioning is turned on, the temperature sensor can tell it to circulate air in a way that cools it.

Are there individual temperature control parts?

When necessary, you can find the specific part youre looking for as there are individual parts, such as control knobs. You can also individually get both LED and halogen bulbs designed for a Ram pickup temperature control console.