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Buick Rendezvous AC Compressor and Clutch

You can keep your Buick Rendezvous’ air-conditioning system in excellent working order with a replacement AC compressor clutch. A failure of the compressor or its clutch could cause the rotor belt to fail. By replacing the Buick Rendezvous AC compressor and clutch, you can avoid damage to your cars hydraulic lines, the alternator, or any other parts that are nearby.

How does a Buick Rendezvous AC compressor work?

The way that a Buick Rendezvous compressor works is quite simple. In order to cool air effectively, the refrigerant in the air conditioner must be cooled down, but in order to do that, it must be in a liquid state.

  • The compressor is responsible for taking the gaseous refrigerant before it has been cooled and putting it under enough pressure that it is forced to become a liquid. This is done inside of an internal buffer tank.
  • Then, the liquid refrigerant is pumped out to the rest of the air conditioner.
  • The rotor that drives the compressor’s pump and puts the gas under pressure is powered by a belt connection that links directly to the engine. Because the rotor cannot be independently turned off, there must be a separate mechanism for shutting off the air conditioner. This is done by utilizing the compressors built-in clutch device.
How does the AC compressor clutch work?

The Buick Rendezvous AC compressor clutch uses a simple principle of magnetism to switch the AC on or off.

  • Inside the compressor, there are two friction plates: one attached to the belt-driven rotor, and one connected to a rod coming from the pump. When these two plates are in contact, the friction between them is sufficient to cause the secondary plate to start spinning along with the first. This then drives the pump, which gets the rest of the air conditioning going.
  • In order to put the two plates into contact with each other, a small electromagnet is nearby. When it’s turned on, it magnetizes the two plates, causing an attractive magnetic force between them. The secondary plate, attached to the pump, is able to move toward the primary when this force is present.
  • When it is necessary to turn off the Buick Rendezvous air conditioning, the electromagnet shuts off, which causes a dissipation in the magnetic force that holds the two plates together. At this point, a spring attached to the mobile plate pulls it back into its starting position, disengaging the pump by cutting off its source of power.
What are some warning signs of a failing compressor clutch?

The following is a list of warning signs that can alert you to a failing Buick Rendezvous compressor clutch. They should all be taken seriously because the damage can spread if not taken care of quickly.

  • AC wont toggle - If your air conditioner is unable to switch between on and off states, then the problem may lie with the compressor clutch. This is more likely in the scenario where the AC cant turn off.
  • Loud noises - If you hear a lot of noise coming from the engine bay when you turn on the AC, then there may be a bearing that is getting close to failing.