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Subaru Impreza A/C Compressor Clutch

Driving around in a Subaru Impreza on a sunny day is even more enjoyable when the air conditioning system works properly. The compressor ensures refrigerant throughout the A/C unit, but this part wont work if the clutch fails. Switching out the old Subaru clutch compressor and putting in a new one restores the A/C back to a preferred operating condition.

What does the A/C compressor clutch do?

The A/C compressor clutch serves two basic functions: engaging and disengaging the air conditioner from the accessory drive. The accessory drive refers to a gearbox found in the engine. The gearbox may be described as being similar to what can be found inside a transmission. The accessory drive powers accessories in a Subaru, Outback, or another vehicle. Among those accessories would be the air conditioner. The direct source generating the power in the Subaru Impreza to the compressor is the engine flywheel.

What is an A/C clutch bearing?

A bearing allows parts to move at the desired high rate of speed. The speed remains consistent at these desired levels and does so without the generation of unwanted friction. Too much friction could create a negative effect on the vehicle. Like other parts, a bearing only works efficiently when in good condition. Replacing a worn out bearing allows the various clutch parts to work, leading to the air conditioning in the Subaru Impreza reliably working.

What is a pulley in a Subaru compressor clutch system?

A pulley setup connects to the clutch and contributes to the A/Cs ability to run. A properly-running pulley in a Subaru Impreza will spin and do so without any hitches, delays, or noise. Bearings are found inside this particular part. So, even if the pulley is in good condition, an internal bearing may wear out and require replacement to ensure reliability.

There is also an A/C idler pulley part in the system. This part cuts down on vibrations and impact. That assists in extending the life of several interconnected parts since excess movement and contact are addressed.

What is a coated Subaru compressor clutch?

A coated part is one with a substance covering the metal. The coating serves the basic purpose of protecting against corrosion. Corrosion may derive from the weather or elements or something along the lines of a leaking radiator. The coating provides the necessary protection that may delay or even outright prevent clutch replacement work.