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Increase Productivity and Keep Entertained With 16 GB Tablets

Portable and sleek, 16GB tablets offer professional functionality and a multitude of entertainment options. Smaller than a desktop computer but still powerful, these devices have a wide variety of uses for both kids and adults alike. Take a closer look at the different versions of 16GB tablets available before picking one.

Whats the difference between a smartphone and a tablet?

While smartphones tend to have an average screen size of 4.7 inches, tablets are larger devices. Their screen sizes usually range from 7 to 10 inches, and unlike smartphones, theyre more homebound than mobile. Some offer cellular connectivity, but many others predominantly use Wi-Fi. These devices offer capabilities that fall in between a smartphone and a desktop computer or laptop.

You use a smartphone while youre out and about to make calls, write emails, and stay connected in general. A 16GB tablet is meant for you to use in the comfort of your home or on long trips. A larger screen makes the device much more optimal for professional work like word processing or graphic design and streaming videos. A tablet sacrifices mobility for more user-friendly features, like a larger keyboard and better speakers.

How do you choose the right tablet?

Theres a wide range of 16GB tablet types available, from Android tablets to Apple tablets. They all offering different options and characteristics. You can select the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, the Apple iPad, the Amazon Fire, tablets with dual cameras, tablets with built-in speakers, and so on. Tablet series include the following:

  • Samsung's Galaxy series
  • Apples iPad line
  • Amazons Fire series

Each of these have a different kind of operating system. Choosing the right device that will fit you involves asking yourself a few questions about your specific requirements.

What kind of tablet is best for work?

For work, a larger screen size, such as a 10- or 12-inch version, may be a better option. One with a stylus can be efficient for marking up documents or evaluating spreadsheets. Ample random-access memory, or RAM, is an important consideration as well. A device with insufficient RAM will slow down your work, so look for one with at least 4GB. A processor sporting at least 1.2 GHz of processing power is equally important. Many devices also come with detachable keyboards, allowing you to convert the tablet to a laptop on the fly. With the right device, work can go from overly complicated to very easy.

What kind is best for entertainment?

A model with an HD screen of at least 1200 by 800 pixels should be the minimum you settle for. A ton of RAM isnt necessary for a device being used only for videos and not high-powered programs, so 1.5GB of RAM or more is acceptable. Look for one that can hold a charge for a while, as well.

What kind is best for the kids?

As theyll likely be using it for games and videos, 1200 by 800 pixels is the resolution that's generally considered to be good. Devices with 16GB of storage should have more than enough space for their apps. Battery backups are available, and you may also want to make sure that the model you purchase has a decent battery life. It doesnt hurt to get one that offers a rubber case as itll probably see a few drops here and there in its lifetime.